Central Valley Kings Foundation Incorporated

A California Public Benefit Corporation

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Central Valley Kings Foundation is a public benefit, not for profit corporation dedicated to supporting organizations that are committed to community and youth services. 

It affords other service organizations to become members of the foundation in order to take advantage of nonprofit status. By having a Trust Account with the foundation for raising funds, this allows member organizations to solicit donations giving donors a tax credit for their donations. 

Money raised by member organizations may be disbursed upon request, as long as the disbursement follows the guidelines of the Foundation and Articles of Incorporation, and have board approval. Disbursements go directly to the benefit for which the funds were raised. No funds go directly to the member organization

The focus of the foundation is to improve the quality of life for community and youth in our communities. All donations and fundraising revenue go to charitable projects, student scholarships and administrative support to the functioning of the foundation such as taxes. 

It is a complete volunteer based organization and no officer receives any compensation for the work they do.

If you are a charitable organization supporting community projects and youth programs, and want to join the foundation to be a part of a nonprofit 501(c)(3), contact us at cvkfoundation@gmail.com for more information.

Coastal Valley Cyber Kiwanis Is Our Partner for Community Service

This Kiwanis Club has no BOUNDARIES!  Meetings are held by conference call and email.  Community service is in your local community.  You do not have to travel to do community service. Get involved with your community to make it better for everyone.

Make sure you check out their club pages on our site.  The Foundation supports this club for the fine work they do in helping communities to improved the quality of life for all.