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Serving Those Who Are Usually Forgotten

One August 29, 2018, Coastal Valley Cyber Kiwanis joined hands with Teresa Arriola Saucedo's group to feed and clothe the homeless.  Teresa's group has been doing this for quite a while.  We offered to help; more hands, more done.  On the 29th, about 8 of us went around Santa Maria finding homeless beginning at 4:30 pm to distribute food and clothing.

CVC Kiwanis provided food on this trip as well as lots of clothing for both men and women.  We were able to contact about 40 homeless.  We met young and old who were very nice people and very grateful for assistance. This service enlightened us to realize how many are out in our community totally forgotten.  We talk about services offered to homeless but many do not get those services.

CVC Kiwanis will continue the service as we are dedicated to helping those in need.  Sometimes it isn't money or big corporations who can help immediately, but individuals can.  If you would like to help. There are some things we will need for the cold weather that is coming.

  • Tarps, folded and packaged so they can be carried
  • Blankets, folded and packaged so they can be carried.
  • Gloves, dark colors
  • Heavy socks, black or dark colors that don't show dirt
  • Sweatshirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Small personal items package with band aides, antibiotic cream, vitamins (small pack unopened.)

We will also appreciate donations to purchase food items.  We cook so we get a dollar to stretch a long way.  You can donate at the like to PayPal below.  The donation goes to our partner 501(c)(3) so your donation is tax deductible.  Any little bit helps.

Sometimes money and big corporations can't do immediate assistance, we can.  You can too!

Donate for Homeless Care Project

You can make a Difference!

Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Collection for Food Banks

Holiday Gifting to Children and Elderly

Community Service August 29, 2018, Helping Those Forgotten

Next Project for October: Healthy Halloween

The Teal Pumpkin Project will be a signature project for Coast Valley Cyber Kiwanis.  This is our first year on the Coast so we are just beginning our new journey.  To start this project, information to the public is our first step.

The Teal Pumpkin has a very important goal, to help parents help their children to enjoy the Halloween experience while saving their health and escape the dangers of harmful treats, especially those that can cause serious illness to children with fatal reactions to certain foods and additives. Our first project this year is to give parents and children flyers indicating what to look for in their Halloween bags that may be dangerous to their well-being. 

In the following years, we will have products that families can use to give out at Halloween instead of candy, posters for laws indicating the safe homes to get treats, and decorations to keep the Halloween spirit.  This will be an ongoing project and our signature cause.

Coastal Valley Cyber Kiwanis will be writing PTP grants for the next years' projects for Teal Pumpkins for funds to expand our assistance to our communities.

Here's the good news for our Kiwanis Clubs in our Division 29 or any Division, you can join our efforts and get credit for an Interclub attendance.  This is an easy project.  All we need to do is pass out flyers with information.  We have done this with the permission of grocery stores and businesses.  We ask permission to put a table at a reasonable distance from their entry and pass out flyers to customers leaving the store fr specific dates.  In exchange, our club will offer advertisement in our monthly newsletter about their support to the community.  

Contact Coastal Valley Cyber Club at cvckiwanis@gmail.com to get materials and contracts to businesses and stores for participation.

Together we can improve the health of our communities.