Central Valley Kings Foundation Incorporated

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Central Valley Kings Foundation, Inc.

Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2019  7:30 PM


  1. Call to Order by Marie Banuelos, CBO, at 7:30
  2. Roll Call by Marie Banuelos and  Joyce Taber.  ​Other Bard Members were not present.  Therefore there was no Quorum. However a short discussion reviewed:
  3. Finances: Report by Marie Banuelo
  4. Community Service Projects: Teal Pumpkin Project
  5. Relay for Life:

Invitations have been sent to members to join our team for Relay for Life.The event is June 22, 2019.More details will follow once Team Captain meetings begin.Please donate to our fundraising for the Relay, even if just one dollar.

    5. Next Meeting is April 9, 2019, Conference Call.