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Board Minutes


Central Valley Kings Foundation

Minutes October 9, 2017


  1. Call to order by President Veronica Holes at 9:05 am.
  2. Roll Call: Veronica Holmes, Leslie Steffen, Marie Bañuelos, Joyce Taber, guest Santiago Bañuelos
  3. Bank Balance/Budget Balance $11, 210.0

Motion: Joyce Taber         Second: Leslie Steffen       Vote: Pass

  1. New Scholarship application will be presented at November meeting.  The application will open scholarships to those with 2.5 GPA and community and trades schools.
  2. Concession Report:
  • Fire suppressor installed
  • New exhaust fan will be installed
  • Lions have accepted our offer for working concession.  Thank you Lions!
  1. Next meeting November 2017 TBD.
  2. Meeting adjourned 9:20 am