Central Valley Kings Foundation Incorporated

A California Public Benefit Corporation

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Coastal Valley Cyber Kiwanis Meeting

June 11, 2019


  1. Call to Order at 7:02 pm by President Veronica Holmes
  2. Roll Call:  Veronica Holmes, Marie Banuelos, Santiago Banuelos, Joyce Taber, Terri Reyes-Beck, Boll Beck, Leslie Steffen, Maricarmen Cuevas Moreno, Travis Denning, Kricket Banuelos, Carlos Banuelos, Mayra Ramos; Guest Speaker Lt.G Fil Simas
  3. Financial Report
  4. Relay for Life June 22 at 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.  10:00 am is opening ceremonies.
  5.  Volunteer Opportunity at Harvest Community Center to help distribute food to families
  6. Meeting change: we will be experimenting with meetings on second Wednesdays of the month  If it helps attendance, we will continue.
  7. Installation of officers will take place in Santa Maria on September 21.  If you care to travel, the Banuelos’ will be happy to accommodate two new officers.  Contact Maria or Santiago.
  8. We have two teams formed for the Alzheimer’s Walk.  September is the Walk in Santa Maria; October is the Walk in Ridgecrest.  Please look for information on our Facebook page.  If you can’t participate, please donate.
  9. Lt.G Fil Simas shared information from the Division.  DCM is June 20 in Orcutt.  Dinner is $25.00.  Fil is Delegate for our division for voting at International Conference.  Remember training for officers.
  10. Next meeting is July 17 at 7:00 pm by conference call.
  11. Meeting adjourned at 7:34 pm


Minutes Meeting July 17, 2019


  1. Call to Order by Marie Banuelos, CBO at 7:05
  2. Roll Call: Marie Banuelos, Santiago Banuelos, Joyce Taber, Terri Reyes-Beck, Bill Beck, Maricarmen Cuevas Moreno, Mayra Ramos, Carlos Banuelos, Travis Denning.
  3. Turned in $2011 to American Cancer Society from Relay for Life.  Great Job!!
  4. Walk for Alzheimer September 28.  So far, we have $145.00  Please donate and participate.
  5. Mayra will give us information on food banks where we can donate.
  6. Installation of Officers on September 21.  Please look at flyer on our Facebook page and Division 29 Facebook page.
  7. Carlos’ and other friends donated water, food and clothing to the people hit by the Earthquake in Ridgecrest. 20 cases of water, food and clothing were collected and delivered.
  8. Next meeting is August 14 at 7:00 pm by conference call.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm