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Coastal Valley Cyber Kiwanis


May 12, 2020  3:00 PM PST

5:00 PM Jamaica Time



  1. Call to Order – President Veronica Holmes 3:08 PST, 5:08 Jamaica Time
  2. Roll Call – Marie Banuelos CBO: 90 attendees
  3. Purpose of Kiwanis – Leslie Steffen Board Member
  • To provide, through Kiwanis Clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to tender altruistic service, and to build better communities.
  • To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of rightness, justice, patriotism, and goodwill.
  1.  Purpose of Interclub – Santiago Banuelos Treasurer

           To share with other clubs and learn from them.  To build a stronger community of Kiwanians.

  1.  About Coastal Valley Cyber Kiwanis
  • President Veronica Holmes 
  • Vice President Terri Reyes-Beck
  • CBO Dr. Marie Banuelos
  • Treasurer Santiago Banuelos
  • Board Member Leslie Steffen
  • Secretary Maricarmen Cuevas
  • Member Bill Beck
  • LG Lorraine Bailey Wright
  • LGD Coleen Lawson
  • DLGE Martin Taylor
  • LGE Kaydeen Miles-Campbell + Carlton Campbell
  • DLG Dwight Lawrence
  • DS Marva Matheson
  • DP Whitcliffe
  • DP Jermaine Williams
  • KC of Negril Point

                        Pres. Indira Manger Weise

                        Sec. Eujorie Myrie

                        PE Grace Lee

                        Kiw. Charmaine Quarrie


  • Kiwanis Club of Providence-Montego Bay

                        PE Kay Francis

                        PD Tisa Reid-Morris, 

                        Sec Tahj Cobham 

Chair Nicole Samuels

LTG Lason Taylor



                        President Lloyd Fraser

                        Kiw.  Adrienne Martin -Grant

                        Sec. Denise Graham-Gayle

                        PE Serriow McIntosh



                        Pres. Diana McLaughlin    

                        PP Dennis Bailey, 

                        PP Marsha Smalling, 

                        PP Leroye Morrison 


  • Kiwanis Club of New Falmouth

                        Pres Yanique Quest

                        DP Rhonda Walker-Walters

                        Secretary Lecia Gordon

                        Chair Claudette Hinds 


  • KC Anchovy Cambridge 

                        Pres. Doreen Dennis 

                        Sec. Nadia Cavallo 

                        IPP Shari Williams-Harvey 

                        PE Janet Latham

  • KC Coastal Trelawny 

                        President Dorrett Myers-Brown

                        Secretary Erica Barrett-Malcolm

                        Treasurer Beverley Sloley

                        President Elect Philmore Collins


  • KC Montego Freeport 

                        President Rolan Branford 

                        Chairman Jermaine Gray

                        Sec. Ramarno Forrester

                        DG Bobby Moo Young


  • KC Montego Bay

                        Treasurer Veviene McDonald-Calder

                         Director Ainsworth Palmer

                         Director Designate Courtney

                         2nd Vice President Designate Susanna


  • KC Vista

                        President Joanne Walker

                        DS Nasine Green

                        Asst Sec. Antoinette Dennis


  • KC Rosehall 

                        Sec Heather Davis

                        Kiw Royolyn Genus

                        Kiw Shirley Williams

                        Prospect Kay Ann Foster


  • KC Hopewell

                        Kiw. Kareen Miller

                        DG Hope Markes

                        Pres. Nadienne Crossman  

                        Pros. Danielle Crossman


  • KC Montego Central.

                        President Akeisha Christie Wainwright

                        PE Erica Smith

                        Sect: Tami-Ann Johnson

                        Director Tamara Jones Brown.


  • KC St Bess

                        President Carmen Hamilton

                        DP Mona Hyera

                        Director Ornella Lewis &

                        DS Debbie Manning

  • KC Bethel Town

                        DP Junior Ross

                        Sec. Maxann Reid, 

                        P.E Wayne Anthony Wisdom 

                        Chair Angella Thompson.


  • KC Westmoreland Capital

                        President Angela Thorbourne

                        DP Denise Ennis

                        PE Barrington Grey

                        Chair Peter Scott


  1. Division 24 
  • Leadership Team

LTG Al Strunk

  1. Division 24 Clubs
  • Atascadero Kiwanis

Sandy Fisher

  • Bay-Osos Kiwanis

LTG Al Strunk

Board RobertSchwenoha

Member Jim Delmore

  1. Division 29 Leadership Team California/Nevada/Hawaii

LTG Tom Parsons

  1. Division 29 Clubs
  • Coastal Valley Cyber Kiwanis

President Veronica Holmes

Vice President Terri Reyes-Beck

CBO Marie Banuelos

Treasure Santiago Banuelos

Secretary Maricarmen Cuevas

Board Leslie Steffen


  • Greater Pismo Kiwanis

PLt.G Mike Britton

Lt.G Tom Parsons

Member Jim Bryant

Member Bruce Carson


  • Santa Maria Kiwanis

Bob Doyle

Michael Sell

President Jason Davies

Anna Rubcic

Glen Prezkop


  • Santa Maria Valley Kiwanis

Member Mark Wall


  1. Sharing About Similarities with Clubs:

            Clubs had so much in common even though clubs are far apart especially for USA to  Jamaica.  Kiwanis clubs have the same goals to improve the quality of life for all of their communities, support families in need, improve environments, and especially support children by assuring they and their families can meet their needs so children can grow   and flourish.


  1. Sharing About Difference Between Clubs

Clubs were incorporated at very different times spanning from 60+ years ago to January 2020.What makes clubs different is that they take care of unique communities.Each club has its special way of accomplishing goals depending on where they are and what tools are available. Every club has a unique personality.


  1. Sharing About What Clubs Learned About All Clubs As Kiwanians?

All Kiwanians serve from the heart.All Kiwanis clubs have the same goals, same cares, same dedications. All Kiwanis clubs are part of one family.

  1. Closing by President Veronica Holmes.
  2. Adjourned 4:45 PM PST, 6:45 Jamaica time.

Next Meeting is June 9, 2020, 7:00 pm on Zoom