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Coastal Valley Cyber Kiwanis

Meeting January 14, 2020



  1. Call to Order: by Marie Bañuelos 7:05 PM
  2. Roll Call:  Marie Bañuelos, Travis Denning, Santiago Bañuelos, Terri Reyes-Beck, Bill Beck, Maricarmen Cuevas, Leslie Steffen, Joyce Taber
  3. 1st Cyber inner club from Australia:  Terri, Santiago, Marie, Veronica and Bill
  4. Marie: Dues, Everybody is paid, Starts in January $17 dollars a month payment plan for dues optional. Check or card. Through website $3 dollars more a month for transaction fee for Paypal.
  5. Reminder to report community service
  6. K-Kids Terri: Kids are excited for next Thursday and need cover starting Thursday.
  7. Ag Expo: Feb.11-13, Menu slightly changed

-Leslie: recommends that the same amount of ones and fives for change is okay.

-Marie:  Breakfast until 9:30 am.

             -Items not on menu chili fries, menudo, and rootbeer floats

-Aiming for simpler menu, attendance is decreasing, Veronica working to stay within budget.

- Passes will be mailed out for Expo

- Schedule for working Expo will be sent by Veronica

  1.   Next Meeting February 25, 2020.  Please mark your calendars.  Our meetings are important.
  2.   Meeting adjourned 7:17 PM by Marie Bañuelos