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Central Valley Cyber Kiwanis

You may make a donation here so the Foundation can continue to support the Kiwanis Club and your membership.

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Relay for Life, October 14-15, 2017.  Hanford High School Stadium



           Cyber Kiwanis

Central Valley Cyber Kiwanis is a Kiwanis club without boundaries.  Our members can be located in any city and any state in the United States.  This is a new innovation for Kiwanis International.  Some clubs call themselves Cyber but this Kiwanis Club truly is a Cyber Club.  The meetings are held by Conference Call so anyone can attend no matter where they are.

Our members provide community service to all communities where our members reside.  We support families and students in all of those communities. 

As in all Kiwanis Clubs our focus is on children and their development into strong, community-minded individuals who are successful at home, in communities, in work, and their lives. We also support families and individuals in need, nonprofit organizations helping others and schools.

We offer two forms of membership.

1.  Regular membership is $150 a year and entitles the member all perks of Kiwanis.  A regular member can build years of certified service and hold office in the club and vie for District Office and above.

2.  Honorary membership is $50 a year and provides all of the experiences of regular membership except Honorary members may not hold office and the membership year does not count toward Years of Membership in Kiwanis. This is a good way to get started if you want to explore a new innovative way to serve community in Kiwanis.

Please email cvckiwanis@gmail.com if you would like further information.



Application Form: Highlight and Paste to Word Document

Full Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Birthday: _______________________________  ¨ MALE ____                FEMALE ____

Occupation: ____________________________________________________________________________

Home Address: _________________________________________________________________________


Home Phone:  ______________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________________

Spouse Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Spouse Birthday: ________________________________________________________________________

Send mail to:    ____ Home                             ____ Business

If Business, Address: ____________________________________________________________________


Service Interests:_________________________________________________________________________



Regular Member Dues are $150.00 a year for October 1-September 30.  Honorary Member Dues are $50.00 a year.  Background Check will be $25.00 (required if working with Children)

If you need financial consideration, please contact Central Valley Kings Foundation at cvkfoundation@gmail.com


Make checks payable to CVK Foundation or Pay Online on this Page

Payment:                Regular Membership $150.00 ___           Honorary Membership $50.00___

Mailing Address:  CVC Kiwanis, 928 W Anthony Place, Santa Maria, CA 93458

email application to cvckwanis@gmail.com